Author: Jo Anne Montenegro

Your awning is perfect for enjoying warm, sunny days and evenings outdoors. It can protect you from heat and harsh sunlight and help keep your windows and doors well shaded and protected during all kinds of weather. Inclement weather, however, can cause damage to your shade structures. If you care properly for your shade structure, it can keep you cool and shady for years to come. Here are a few ways to ensure your shade structures will be safe during a severe storm.

Have you considered installing awnings above the doors and windows of your business or home? Maybe you think that your business is not the type of place to have awnings. The first thing that comes to mind for many is a posh hotel or apartment building with a long awning and a doorman. But the truth is there are lots of beneficial reasons to install a shade structure over the front door of your home or business.

Adding an awning or shade structure to your commercial building is an incredible way to improve appearance, advertise your company, and boost visits. In general, many business owners find that after they add an awning, they recoup the costs of purchase and installation within a few short months. Combining a shade structure offers your business a valuable increase in space and intrigue that can help you make more sales and draw in new and returning customers alike. Depending on your industry, you may find that there are slight differences in appearance that can prove to have added benefits. Color has significant effects on the unconscious mind, and knowing how to use these to your advantage can help make your already good investment perform even better. As you plan your shade structure, consider how using these aspects of color psychology can help your business. 

A shade structure is an extension of your business and is meant to make a good first impression and make the exterior of your building more enjoyable. A front door shade structure provides a simple upgrade that customers will love, as well as various practical benefits such as reducing energy costs. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits a front door shade structure can have for your commercial business.
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