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Awnings Aventura will help guide you through the numerous products and services provided by Hoover Architectural.

South Florida is well known for both its warm sunshine and its strong storms. Properly installed awnings can help provide protection from both while also saving you money. Hoover Architectural proudly serves the residents and businesses of Aventura with all their awning needs whether it be replacing existing awnings or designing and installing new awnings.


Awnings Aventura will help guide you through the numerous products and services provided by Hoover Architectural. Among them are:


Fabric awnings made of tough marine-grade canvas materials that can be designed to fit practically any space where shade or protection from the elements is desired are extremely versatile. These awnings can be on a fixed framework, retractable, or used in a tension structure. A wide variety of colors and styles is available for both residential and commercial buildings.


Metal awnings can be used in several ways depending on framework and installation procedure – hangar rod, combination aluminum and fabric trellis, or unsupported. Custom fabrication and assembly is available through Hoover Architectural.


Motorized awnings and screens are retractable and easily adjustable to whatever degree of shade is needed. Much more popular in recent years, motorized awnings and screens are the perfect solution for patios and pool areas. Fully retracted, they are less likely to be damaged by severe storms than regular awnings.


Awning replacement is a specialty of Hoover Architectural. While materials used in awnings are tough and weather-resistant, any metal or fabric exposed to the elements will degrade over time and need repair or replacement.


Awning cleaning is a service that will help extend the life of your awnings and keep them looking bright and new.


Rust spot treatment is yet another service that keeps your awnings looking good. Unsightly rust spots and stains may permanently damage the awning if not treated in a timely, proper manner.


UV treatment protects awnings from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This treatment is specially-formulated to deflect the harmful rays and help keep the awnings from having a faded, dull appearance.


Water repellant treatment is especially important for maintaining the integrity of fabric awnings. Fabric awnings used over entryways and walkways are designed to not only protect from the sun, but from rain also.


Hardware replacement makes sure your awnings are safe and secure. A thorough inspection will find any loose or missing parts that need to be corrected or replaced. Something as small as a missing screw may eventually create a problem.


Awning cover tightening keeps the proper tension on the awning. Constant exposure to wind and rain will cause a slight stretching and sagging of fabric awning. Routine maintenance and tightening will prevent this and add years to the life of the awning.


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