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The semi-tropical climate of Miami is the perfect environment for awnings on both residential and commercial buildings. Awnings add beauty and value while providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and a significant decrease in cooling costs in homes and businesses. Entryways, sidewalks, windows, and even vehicles can benefit from the use of awnings.


When searching for Awnings Miami, give Hoover Architectural a call for the best in awning options:


Fabric awnings are made from the finest quality high-strength materials and come in an array of colors to match or accentuate the façade of the building. Hoover Architectural also offers replacement service for worn or dingy existing awnings, giving a fresh new appearance at little cost. Fabric awnings can be created and used in a variety of ways from fixed, retractable, motorized screens, and tension structures. Heavy-duty canvas awnings can be designed and customized for large or small spaces.


Metal is the material of choice for many awnings. Sturdy and long-lasting, options for metal awning styles and installation include hangar rod, unsupported, aluminum and fabric trellis. All come with custom fabrication and assembly to fit your awning needs.


Motorized awnings and screens are ideal for easily changing the amount of shade desired as they are retractable, perfect for patios and other outdoor gathering places. Being retractable will help protect your awning during the hurricanes and storms that hit Miami regularly.


Regular maintenance is important in keeping your awnings in top condition and looking like new. Awnings Miami searches for awning repair and maintenance will lead you to Hoover Architectural, specialists in all things regarding awnings of all types. A few of the services they offer for both new and existing awnings include:


Awning cleaning – Keeping your awnings clean helps protect the appearance and integrity of your awnings, making for longer awning life.


Rust spot treatment – Rust spots and stains are unsightly and will eventually cause damage to your awnings if not treated properly.


UV treatment – A specially-formulated coating that protects your awnings from long-term UV ray damage and helps keep colors bright is important for the longevity of your awnings.


Water repellant – Another treatment that protects your awnings from the elements, especially useful for walkway and entry awnings.


Hardware replacement – Even the best installation will eventually lose a few parts. All parts are important in keeping your awnings safe and long-lived so replacing even the smallest parts should be done as soon as possible.


Awning cover tightening – Over time, wind and weather will tend to stretch and loosen any fabric awning. Keeping the proper tension on your awning cover means it will look better and last longer.

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