We Got You Covered

Hoover regularly works with many companies from around the world to produce custom covers & structures for almost any application. From defense contractors, engineering companies, test laboratories to the mechanics shop down the street, Hoover can fabricate just about any shade structure or cover required.

Custom Covers and Fabrication

Hoover has a culture of reinvesting, both in our people and infrastructure. These investments allow us to produce more quantity at a high quality, providing more value for our customer.

With our micro/macro 3D laser scanners, proprietary AutoCAD software plugin, visualization software, CNC cutting equipment, and manufacturing prowess, Hoover is capable of working directly with any level of customer. Whether you’re an engineer, architect, developer, homeowner or defense contractor requiring high security clearances, Hoover is the company you can count on to get the job done right.

CNC Machine

Although CNC cutting is not widely adopted within the awning industry, Hoover was an early adopter and innovator. Our fabric CNC machine cuts the fabric, draw lines and write words; allowing us to manufacture more product in less time while minimize human error and producing high quality products.

Custom Proprietary AutoCAD Software

Hoover’s laser scanners capture images of projects, allowing us to utilize them in the way of 3-dimensional point clouds within AutoCAD, creating an accurate, complete, photorealistic 3D representations of any object or environment in just minutes.