Designing an Automotive Shade Structure for Your Business

Designing an Automotive Shade Structure for Your Business

When it comes to welcoming more customers to your business, you probably know about the power of a great first impression through curb appeal. An attractive automotive shade structure can bring in customers from far off. And by offering protection for a customer’s vehicles from the beating sun, and wet, stormy days, they are likely to stay for much longer. With the many factors to consider when choosing your automotive shade structure, here are some options to give you an idea of what will work for your business.

Carports and Cantilevers

A great choice for hotels, restaurants, and even toll booths, a carport can be a built-in structure or a lightweight and durable cantilever car canopy. Either option can be designed to fit any sized space from a variety of choices of fabric, steel, and other materials. A cantilever car canopy offers serious shade protection while eliminating the need for additional columns, which would obstruct parking space. A cantilever shade structure is also a good option if you want to include internal wiring, such as for installing surveillance cameras or light fixtures.

Parking Lot Coverage

Especially in a large commercial or corporate setting, covered parking is the best way for guests and employees to feel safe about leaving their vehicle for an extended period of time. Tension structures are a good option for covering large, single-level spaces and offer plenty of protection from the sun. But if you are concerned about the harsher weather, and often debris, that hurricane season brings, then sturdier metal canopies could be right for you. Also, you can opt for partial coverage with some decorative accent shade structures.


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