How to Design a Custom Commercial Awning

How to Design a Custom Commercial Awning

Whether you are building a new storefront or are not quite satisfied with your current one, adding a shade structure can bring your business several benefits. From shade and weather protection to curb appeal, installing an awning from the variety of types and materials can make your business more welcoming to customers. But if you want to take it a step further by customizing your awning, then here are a few ideas to get you started.

Think About Your Brand

Just like any other form of advertising, a shade structure is the perfect platform to project your brand to the world. You can use its surface like a sign to carry a company logo, message, or catchphrase. With this opportunity, it can be hard to restrain yourself, but you should remember to start simple with your design. For example, see how your shade structure would look with just your company colors and then you can add from there. Remember that most customers won’t notice the details on an overhead awning, so that is not the place to add a lengthy mission statement. Instead, try to go for something simple and eye-catching that communicates your brand.

Your Shade Structure Works for You

Equally as important as the look of your shade structure is how you want it to work for your business. Every storefront is different, because of the physical building and what services your company offers. And you want your shade structure to function in the best way to fit your needs.  If you have a small cafe with outdoor seating, then you might prefer a retractable fabric awning that you can stow during inclement weather. Otherwise, you may find that a stationary, metal shade structure is better for shielding vehicles, such as the carport of a hotel.


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