Hoover Warranty

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At Hoover Architectural, we are constantly reinvesting in our people and processes. We strive to be the most qualified architectural product provider in the country. By offering in-house design, manufacturing & installation services, we provide the highest quality product to our distinguished customers. Furthermore, because of our exceptional staff and attention to detail, we can offer the following industry-leading warranties:


Hoover will extend the fabric manufacturer’s warranty period by 25% (maximum of 12 years of total coverage) and shall repair/replace (at Hoover’s sole discretion) structural failure caused from extreme material degradation in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s warranty coverage or at a prorated schedule equally divided from the date of install to the date of written warranty claim (at Hoover’s sole discretion).

Lifetime Stitching

 If the thread rots and the fabric is workable, Hoover will resew the entire cover and reinstall the cover at no charge, including labor. This warranty shall not extend any additional rights to the customer should the thread rots and fabric be unworkable. Whether the thread rots and fabric are workable shall be determined at Hoover’s sole discretion.

Fading of color is not included in this warranty statement. Refer to the fabric manufacturer’s warranty for details.


In addition to the items above, Hoover will warranty framework workmanship on all products fabricated by Hoover personnel against: (1) flaking on 10% or more of the frame; (2) pitting rust on welds or frame members which may compromise the structural integrity of the product; and (3) the structural failure of anchors and/or attachment brackets or plates. This warranty does not include areas where framework was altered or penetrated by the customer or a third-party and shall remain in effect for a period of:

  • One year for projects within ONE mile of the ocean, salt water canal or other body of salt water.
  • THREE years for all other projectsz

  • All framework painted by a subcontractor (powder coating, etc.) shall carry only the applicator’s warranty2.
  • All motors, remotes, electronics or anything not specifically manufactured by Hoover shall carry only the manufacturer’s warranty2.