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*Warranty is effective for all projects invoiced after 01-01-2019.


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At Hoover Architectural, we are constantly reinvesting in our people and processes.  We strive to be the most qualified architectural product provider in the country. By offering in-house design, manufacturing & installation services, we provide the highest quality product to our distinguished customers. Furthermore, because of our exceptional staff and attention to detail, we can offer the following industry-leading warranties:


  • 15 Year Structural Framework: Hoover will repair any structural failure caused from workmanship. This warranty excludes all structural failures caused by pitting rust, natural causes or any other reason other than workmanship at the time of Hoover’s installation as well as structural failure of anchors and/or attachment brackets or plates.


  • Exclusive Extended Warranty:
    • Fabric1 – Hoover will extend the fabric manufacturer’s warranty period by 25% (maximum of 12 years of total coverage) and shall repair/replace (at Hoover’s sole discretion) structural failure caused from extreme material degradation in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s warranty coverage or at a prorated schedule equally divided from the date of install to the date of written warranty claim (at Hoover’s sole discretion).
    • Lifetime Stitching1 – If the thread rots and the fabric is workable, Hoover will resew the entire cover and reinstall the cover at no charge, including labor. This warranty shall not extend any additional rights to the customer should the thread rots and fabric be unworkable. Whether the thread rots and fabric are workable shall be determined at Hoover’s sole discretion.
    • Fading of color is not included in this warranty statement. Refer to the fabric manufacturer’s warranty for details.


  • Workmanship: In addition to the items above, Hoover will warranty framework workmanship on all products fabricated by Hoover personnel against: (1) flaking on 10% or more of the frame; (2) pitting rust on welds or frame members which may compromise the structural integrity of the product; and (3) the structural failure of anchors and/or attachment brackets or plates. This warranty does not include areas where framework was altered or penetrated by the customer or a third-party and shall remain in effect for a period of:
    • One year for projects within ONE mile of the ocean, salt water canal or other body of salt water.
    • THREE years for all other projects.


  • All framework painted by a subcontractor (powder coating, etc.) shall carry only the applicator’s warranty2.


  • All motors, remotes, electronics or anything not specifically manufactured by Hoover shall carry only the manufacturer’s warranty2.


  • Retractable Awnings:
    • Frame Warranty is supplied directly by the product manufacturer2.
    • Fabric Warranty is supplied directly by the fabric manufacturer2.
    • Motor Warranty is supplied directly by the manufacturer2.
    • One Year Installation Workmanship Warranty includes the structural failure of anchors and/or attachment brackets or plates.
    • Please refer to the Sunesta website for more detailed warranty information


  1. Warranties are limited to only the following fabrics available through Trivantage:
    • Acrylic Fabric: Sunbrella & Dickson North America
    • Polyester Fabric: Sunbrella Firesist
    • Vinyl Fabric: Patio 500, Coastline Plus, Vanguard, Natura & Ferrari Soltis
    • Mesh Fabric: Sunbrella Contour, Comtex, Architect 400 & Monotec
  2. All labor, including awning/product removal, transportation and reinstallation required as part of this warranty shall be performed on a time and materials basis, paid by the customer.



  • ALL warranties stated above are valid only for projects installed by Hoover in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. For all other projects, including wholesale, Hoover will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by Hoover to bring Hoover’s labor, to and from the job site, or to bring the awning(s), to and from Hoover, including (without limitation): airfare, room and board, taxi’s, rental cars, taxes, duty, labor cost to and from the job site, etc.


  • When not installed by Hoover, Hoover makes no warranty or representation that the product complies with any applicable state, local or other building code. Not adhering to these codes will void any and/or all warranties.


  • This warranty does not include products that are improperly maintained or serviced by a person or entity not authorized by Hoover. Hoover will not warrant any damage which occurs as a result of contact with any foreign object including, but not limited to, damage which occurs as a result of sudden and severe weather events or other extreme acts of nature, which includes but is not limited to hail or flying/falling debris, that are outside the normal operating parameters as set by the local building code.


  • Except as specifically stated above, Hoover makes no warranty and specifically disclaims any warranty on items covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. In lieu, Hoover hereby assigns all manufacturer’s warranties to the owner (the “Owner”) of the products. The warranties herein are in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied.


  • Hoover specifically disclaims all other warranties, including without limitation, warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no case shall Hoover’s liability under this Warranty exceed the amount received by Hoover for its work on the project where the products were installed (the “Project”), and further, in no event shall Hoover be liable to anyone for any consequential or incidental damages of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation, personal injury, property damage, lost profits or other economic injury. The remedies provided for herein shall be your exclusive remedy. No person, other than an officer of Hoover, is authorized to modify or to make any different or additional warranties, and any modification must be in writing signed by such officer.


  • Hoover assumes no responsibility for improper usage of the labor and materials supplied and Hoover will not be responsible for any damages or any expenses incurred by anyone as the result of the misuse or lack of maintenance of the work performed by Hoover. All warranties are void by misuse of the product and/or failure to maintain the product.


  • Notice of a breach of this warranty must be made in writing addressed to Hoover denoting sufficient detail to permit identification by Hoover of the defect. Such notice must be given within 30 days of discovery of the defect.  If notice is not given within such period, any claim for breach of warranty shall be deemed to have been waived and Hoover shall not be liable with respect to the alleged defect.
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