The Hoover Difference

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At Hoover Architectural, we are constantly reinvesting in our people and processes. We strive to be the most qualified architectural product provider in the country. By offering in-house design, manufacturing & installation services, we provide the highest quality product to our distinguished customers. Furthermore, because of our exceptional staff and attention to detail, we can offer the following industry-leading warranties:


Hoover will extend the fabric manufacturer’s warranty period by 25% (maximum of 12 years of total coverage) and shall repair/replace (at Hoover’s sole discretion) structural failure caused from extreme material degradation in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s warranty coverage or at a prorated schedule equally divided from the date of install to the date of written warranty claim (at Hoover’s sole discretion).

Unsupported Metal Canopies

Unsupported metal canopies are often used to provide shade but can be designed to provide some weather protection. The canopy requires a strong mounting surface due to the fact that it does not have arms to support it such as flat metal canopies do. These structures are highly customizable using various fascia and soffit options.

When designing an unsupported metal canopy, it is important to consider the area, as they also have limitations on width and projection. Maximum individual canopy dimensions should not exceed 20’ wide by 4’ projection. However it is possible to cover a larger space using multiple units side-by-side.

Aluminum + Fabric Trellis

Structurally, the unit is a high quality, welded or bolted, aluminum product that can cover most any space with only supports in each corner, allowing for an open and ‘airy’ feel. By incorporating the use of UV protection high tensile strength shade fabric (10yr manufacturer’s warranty), the Hoover aluminum trellis goes beyond the capabilities of most other trellis designs.