Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Hotel Shade Structure

Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Hotel Shade Structure

An eye-catching hotel shade structure is a great way to add appeal to your hotel and increase the amount of guests you bring in!

The way that a hotel looks on the outside can make or break someone’s decision to book a room. In addition, there are typically a large number of hotels in close proximity to each other, so it is important that yours stands out. A well-designed shade structure can really add that extra character to your hotel and the amenities. Here are some tips for designing an eye-catching hotel shade structure.

Less is More

You don’t want to add too many designs or words onto your shade structure because it can be overwhelming to the eye. Putting important information on a shade structure is a great way to draw attention to your hotel;  just don’t overdo it! Be sure to only include essential information and keep your design simple, but unique.

Complimentary Design

Your hotel shade structure should complement the pre-existing design of your building rather than clash with it. You want your shade structure to stand out because of how nice it looks, not because it looks out of place. Be sure to consider the shape and architecture of your building when choosing an awning. It’s also a good idea to color coordinate your awning with your hotel’s exterior to really help add to the aesthetic.

Graphics are Key

In this digital age, people are using less words and more visuals. Incorporating graphics into your hotel shade structure is a great way to add an eye-catching element. You can incorporate your business logo onto your shade structure for additional promotion or just experiment with other fun designs. Well-designed graphics have the ability to convey a mood and draw people into your hotel.


When designing a hotel shade structure, you can use it for way more than just visual appeal. Incorporating a shade structure into your hotel can extend the space that you have for your guests and add more function to the amenities. Consider using your shade structure to create an outdoor lounge space for your guests or a space to host outdoor events. Having a nice outdoor space is a great way to attract people to your hotel.

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