Color Psychology & Your Commercial Shade Structure

Color Psychology & Your Commercial Shade Structure

Adding an awning or shade structure to your commercial building is an incredible way to improve appearance, advertise your company, and boost visits. In general, many business owners find that after they add an awning, they recoup the costs of purchase and installation within a few short months. Combining a shade structure offers your business a valuable increase in space and intrigue that can help you make more sales and draw in new and returning customers alike. Depending on your industry, you may find that there are slight differences in appearance that can prove to have added benefits. Color has significant effects on the unconscious mind, and knowing how to use these to your advantage can help make your already good investment perform even better. As you plan your shade structure, consider how using these aspects of color psychology can help your business. 


While it has often been used to associate with negativity, when used in architectural designs black can create a dynamic level of contrast that will help attract attention. If you have a light-colored building, in particular, black can be highly useful for creating a classic, modern look.


White is well known for its association with purity and cleanliness. When used as the main color for a shade structure, note that dirt and pollution will become noticeable much faster. It may be beneficial to use white as an accent color rather than as the dominant hue.


Associated with wealth and royalty thanks to its historical ties, purple is a great way to denote luxury and class. If you’re adding a shade structure to a high-end retailer or restaurant, purple can be a great choice as either a primary or accent color.


Blue is useful as it is a profoundly calming color that can also create an air of luxury when a deeper hue is used. Lighter hues are a great option for locations looking to create a peaceful atmosphere.


Like blue, green is used to create a serene and tranquil mood. Green is also useful for businesses that want to promote a natural or environmental message.

Yellow and Orange

These cheerful and warm colors are a perfect option for anywhere that serves or works with food. Not only are they inviting, they help to stimulate the appetite.


Pink has a reputation for being feminine, warm, and romantic, depending on the tone it can also have a level of passion.


Like pink, red is known for its warmth, but it also can cause viewers to evoke strong emotional responses and stimulate the appetite.


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