4 Benefits of a Retractable Shade Structure for Your Business

4 Benefits of a Retractable Shade Structure for Your Business

A retractable shade structure protects your business from the weather elements, but gives you the option to retract it with ease!

Once you’ve decided that you want a shade structure for your business, the next step is deciding which type you would like. A retractable shade structure is a great option because it allows you to easily open and close your shade structure whenever you want, so it doesn’t have to be up all of the time. Here are just four of the many benefits of a retractable shade structure!

Easy Operation

One of the best things about a retractable shade structure is the ease of operation. With a fixed shade structure, you have to worry about packing it up and storing it for the harsh winter months. However, with a retractable shade structure, all you have to do push a button or turn a crank to close your awning for the season.


Retractable shade structures have different operating levels, meaning you can adjust how far or little the structure extends. This is a great feature because the weather can be unpredictable and you can adjust your shade structure accordingly. You also can determine how much or how little sunlight you want to allow into your business at any given time.

UV Protection

A retractable awning can cool down the area underneath of it by up to 20 degrees, making it great for protecting people from the sun’s harsh UV rays. This extends the living space of your business, allowing consumers and guests to use the outdoor area comfortably, even on some of the hottest days of the year. Not only this, but your retractable shade structure also protects your indoor furniture from UV rays, preventing them from discoloration due to excess sun exposure.

Energy Saving

Because a retractable shade structure keeps the sun away from your place off business, the interior temperature of your building is naturally going to be cooler. This is a great advantage because your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard to keep the place cool. This will surely save you some money on those expensive energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, the EPA stated that cooling costs can decrease by over 25% when you invest in a retractable shade structure.

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