How to Choose the Right Shade Structure for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Shade Structure for Your Business

How you choose to present your brand will make all the difference in the way your customers experience your business. Taking the steps and making investments into the look of your business is essential to its sustainability and growth. Adding a shade structure is the perfect way to give your business staying power and show your customers that you care about the details. Read on to learn how to choose the right shade structure for your business.

The Visibility

When you’re choosing the right shade structure for your business, consider the visibility of your building and of your brand. The shade structure is the perfect place to display your logo or brand name. It will make your business more visible and recognizable to your customers and the public, especially from the street. Therefore, when choosing your shade structure, keep this in mind when it comes to the shape and material.

The Customer Experience

In addition to helping your business stand out from the rest, the shade structure can enhance the experience for your customers. For example, if you provide space for outdoor eating, a shade structure will keep the sun from beaming directly in their eyes. It will also help block the rain and give them the space to gather themselves when they’re leaving or entering your business. In addition, the shade structure will help regulate the temperature, which will also make shopping or dining in much more comfortable.  

The Design

There are several different awning designs, each filling a specific need. Door and window awnings are typically a bullnose or shed design. Walkway covers can be designed with either a gable or a half round awning. If you’re looking to extend the square footage of your business with an outdoor seating area, a projected shed awning is the most commonly used shape. Although, depending on the location and size of your business, you might choose a more custom shape.

The Color and Material

Keep your brand in mind when choosing the color and material of your shade structure. Once you choose between aluminum or fabric, then consider the colors and how they will complement your brand and the look of the exterior of the building.


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