How to Ensure Your Shade Structures Will Be Safe During Inclement Weather

How to Ensure Your Shade Structures Will Be Safe During Inclement Weather

Your awning is perfect for enjoying warm, sunny days and evenings outdoors. It can protect you from heat and harsh sunlight and help keep your windows and doors well shaded and protected during all kinds of weather. Inclement weather, however, can cause damage to your shade structures. If you care properly for your shade structure, it can keep you cool and shady for years to come. Here are a few ways to ensure your shade structures will be safe during a severe storm.

Thoroughly Clean and Inspect All Components

After rainfall, it’s important to make sure your shade structure is thoroughly cleaned. Throughout the year, dust and debris can build up, weakening the awning or even the shade structure’s mechanisms over time. Small pebbles, acorns, and more can cause friction that will rip your awning slowly over time, requiring sometimes costly replacement. By inspecting and cleaning your shade structure prior to storage, you will be able to identify any potential problems and ensure the shade is totally clean for storage.

Close and Cover

It’s very important to close and cover your shade structure when inclement weather approaches. Once the awning is clean and completely dried, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for closing or removing your shade structure. This can mean breaking down free-standing shade structures that may collapse under the weight of heavy rain or retracting some shade structures that can be closed up to avoid wind damage. The most important thing is to make sure your structure is completely closed before wrapping it in the wind and waterproof covers or storage bags that will keep the awning safe throughout the season.

Smart Storage

Even though your shade structure may be advertised as waterproof, it’s important to store it with care to avoid any damage while the shade is not even in use. If you’re storing your shade structure in a designated storage container, make sure the container is clean, dry, and waterproof. This will help to avoid wind and water damage, as well as mold or mildew growth through a long season of storage. Additionally, try a waterproofing spray for a storage bag or other simple storage method.


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