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How Can You Use Your Commercial Shade Structure to Enhance Your Brand?

How Can You Use Your Commercial Shade Structure to Enhance Your Brand?

A uniquely designed shade structure is bound to grab the attention of people passing by and is a great way to enhance your brand!

There are so many different forms of advertisement that can be used to help give your business more exposure. A very overlooked method of advertising is to use a commercial shade structure. This structure gives you 24/7 advertising and also adds great aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your business. Here are some ways you can use your commercial shade structure to enhance your brand. 

Presentation is Everything

Your commercial shade structure is likely the first thing people will see when approaching your business, so you want it to look nice. In order for your structure to effectively enhance your brand, it needs to be well designed. This means that your business name is clearly printed on it with a font that is appealing to the eye as well as easy to read. Putting your logo on the structure is also an added bonus. You want to use colors that don’t distract from the message on your structure and be sure to use contrast when choosing background colors and fonts. A high quality, well designed commercial shade structure is sure to attract people’s attention.

Less is More

You do not want to put an overwhelming amount of content or colors onto your commercial shade structure because it can actually discourage people from looking at it. You want to make sure your structure is coordinated with all of your other marketing materials. Keep any phrases shorter than seven words. You should also pick one graphic or color scheme to use throughout the commercial shade structure.


Light Up the Night

A great way to enhance your brand with a commercial shade structure is to add lighting to it. This gives you the opportunity to extend the use of your structure past just the day time. A lit up shade structure is sure to grab the attention of people walking or driving by, especially when yours is the only one on the block that lights up! This is especially good for small businesses and ones that may be hard to notice due to location.


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