Interesting Features for Commercial Metal Shade Structures

Interesting Features for Commercial Metal Shade Structures

Choosing the right shade structure for your business is a big investment. You may have considered metal for its sturdiness, durability, and style. With a metal awning, you can count on it to give your storefront sleek curb appeal in any weather. But, did you know about the many other features that can add to your metal shade structure’s function and aesthetic?


Because a metal shade structure will be a permanent feature, you can make it feel like an extension of your building by adding lighting. That way, you can encourage customers to come later in the day by making them feel welcome and safe. Lighting is a must especially for places like restaurants which people typically visit in the evening. Recessed lights will give your shade structure a classy and understated look, or you can find pendant lights that tie in with your interior design


One of the best things about choosing a metal shade structure is the opportunity for branding. A fabric awning, by comparison, is a good place to print your company name and logo. But a metal awning’s structure lets you add three-dimensional lettering that can be seen from much farther away. You can also customize your signage further by integrating neon lighting.


Many people may not know that metal awnings are highly customizable. You can choose from a number of shapes and materials to fit the look of your building. A flat canopy is a popular choice, for example, because it blocks the rain and sun but can also provide a large area for seating or vehicles. You can install outdoor fans in your metal shade structure or any decor elements.


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