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Dolphin Mall: Valet Awning – Miami, FL

Dolphin Mall: Valet Awning – Miami, FL

A grand valet awning can set the tone for an ultimate retail experience.

The newly expanded and renovated portion of Dolphin Mall opened to shoppers on Tuesday, September 15th after 18 months of construction. Neumann/Smith Architects designed a stylish new valet drop-off befitting for the Dolphin Mall, a Miami-area leisure destination & largest retail venue, with its powerful mix of compelling retail outlets, entertainment venues, and dining options. The sweeping expanse of exposed structural steel and fabric canopy, along with the creation of a new outdoor display area and extensively landscaped parking and entry areas, make a grand entrance. The scope of work included the creation of a new valet drop-off for the mall, the addition of a second level egress stair, valet parking for 101 cars, a four-car display area under custom fabric tulips, a 5,200 sf custom exposed structural steel and fabric canopy, and extensive landscaping.

Designed to withstand 185mph winds, this valet fabric structure truly redefines the abilities of fabric products. Fabricated in Hoover Architectural Products 30,000sq’ West Palm Beach location, the 5,000 square foot structure was fully assembled at our facility then broken down for transportation and reassembly in the field. The installation took place at 25 feet above ground and settled to within a ¼” tolerance to the tenant lease line, as determined by surveyors.

If the sheer size of the structure isn’t impressive enough, the finish requirements by the architect were also highly specialized. All welds were to be not visible and ground to a smooth finish. The painting system was comprised of multiple primers, metallic topcoats and clear coat finishes – which showed every imperfection.

The end result was a project that came in on budget, on time and exceeded all expectations.

The entire project was designed, fabricated and installed by Hoover Architectural Products for:

Dolphin Mall owner: Taubman Properties

Architect: Neumann Smith

General Contractor: Whiting Turner

Frame material: HSS Galvanized Steel

Fabric type: Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502 vinyl fabric

Fabric Supplier: TriVantage

Thread type: Gore Tenara PTFE