Which Type of Fabric is Best for Your Shade Structure?

Which Type of Fabric is Best for Your Shade Structure?

There are a variety of different fabrics available to make it easy and fun to design your shade structure!

A shade structure is a great way to protect your building from various weather elements while adding aesthetic appeal at the same time. Once you’ve decided on a fabric shade structure for your home or business, the next step is deciding which type of fabric to use. Here are some common types of fabrics to help you decide which is best for your shade structure.


Both laminated and coated vinyl fabrics are the go-to fabrics for all commercial applications because they are flame retardant fabrics. Vinyl fabrics are very popular amongst business owners because they are the best fabric to use when printing graphics, such as a company logo. Vinyl fabrics are also very easy to maintain.


A more upscale fabric option, acrylic fabric has a distinct softness that makes it stand out. Acrylic is highly resistant to the sun’s harsh UV rays as well as mildew and water. The color in acrylic fabric is added to it while the fibers are still in a liquid state, making it so that the color won’t fade. However, acrylic fabrics are not flame retardant, so they are primarily used in commercial applications.


These fabrics are known for their durability and quick-drying capabilities and they are known to be the flame-retardant counterparts of acrylic fabrics. In addition to this, they are wrinkle and crease resistant, which will keep them looking fresh and new. There are translucent options available that are great for incorporating backlighting into your shade structure. Polyester fabric is water, mildew, and UV ray resistant. It is available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns.


Mesh fabrics are mostly used for tensile structures and screens, however, they can be used for other types of shade structures as well. When looking for varying degrees of sun protection, mesh fabrics are the ideal choice. They are also UV, mildew and water resistant.


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