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Why Use Front Door Shade Structures?

Why Use Front Door Shade Structures?

Have you considered installing awnings above the doors and windows of your business or home? Maybe you think that your business is not the type of place to have awnings. The first thing that comes to mind for many is a posh hotel or apartment building with a long awning and a doorman. But the truth is there are lots of beneficial reasons to install a shade structure over the front door of your home or business.

Protection From the Elements

A shade structure like an awning can keep you safe, warm, and dry, no matter what the weather is throwing at you. You don’t have to worry about dashing for the door in the rain or snow or getting wet while you fumble with your keys. This is true of both your home and business. But an awning over the front door of your business offers the added benefit of shielding your customers from the elements. They won’t have to dash for your door and they won’t track extra rain or snow into your business.

Curb Appeal

An awning will protect customers as they approach your door, but it can also help them find you in the first place. This is because the awning will improve your curb appeal and catch the eye, making your business stand out from the other buildings. A well-designed awning that matches your brand (in color and style) could even attract new customers who were not specifically looking for you. An awning can also improve the look of your home, increasing visibility for the pizza guy and potentially increasing your resale value down the line.

Energy Efficiency

The shade provided by an awning or similar shade structure can actually help decrease your energy costs. Over the front door of your home, the awning blocks the direct rays of the sun that can heat up your front rooms and cause the A/C to work overtime. In your home you could probably close the blinds or the drapes to block out some or all of this sunlight and warmth, but not in your business. If you close all the drapes in the front windows of your business you’ll obscure all of your window displays and you may even make it look like you’re closed. Instead, try a shade structure over the door to keep your cooling costs down.

Protect Things Inside

In addition to protecting people who come up to your door, the shade structure can also help protect the items just inside. Direct sun exposure can cause drapes, rugs, and even furniture to fade and excessive heat or direct sun can also be bad for electronics. When the awning blocks the sun’s direct rays and heat it is protecting all those items inside your home or business that could be damaged.


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