Great Uses for Tension Structures

Great Uses for Tension Structures

Are you looking for a lightweight, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solution to shade a large area that receives a lot of sun exposure? A tension structure may be just what you’re looking for. A tension shade structure works for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Below are a few popular uses for tension structures that will give you some ideas.

Pools & Piers

Because tension structures can provide large areas of shade from the sun, they work great for areas that people frequent in the hot summer months. You can install three-point, or triangular sail shades to cover the seating area beside your pool. Or, a large tension shade structure can shade the entire pool itself. Also, you can shade sections of a pier, such as the end of a dock, to protect boats and to make it more comfortable to prepare for an outing. Pools, piers, and other popular summertime outdoor spaces need the UV protection of tension structures.


Another example of a large space perfect for tension shade structures is open-air stadiums. A few panes above the seating area can provide shade without blocking anyone’s view. Bleachers and typical stadium seating can overheat in the sun, which adds to the health risks of customers spending long times under sun exposure. Tension structures are an easy and inexpensive way to make sure that everyone stays safe and enjoys their time watching a game. Also, larger canopies are a good fit for parking lots and covered walkways.

Eating Areas

From picnic tables to outdoor restaurant seating, tension structures can be a stylish addition. Many people aren’t aware that there are a variety of fabric types and colors that you can use for a tension structure. By no means are you limited to plain white mesh. If you want, you can design and chose your tension shade structure to maximize the curb appeal of your restaurant.